Great Lakes-Gulf Winter Youth Conference

Scheduled in the last week of the year, Winter Conference is held at Camp Lakeview near Columbus, Indiana. Over four days, the youth have opportunity to hear a series of messages from a guest speaker, to be challenged in the faith, and to build friendships and community.

Theological Foundations for Youth Weekend

TFW is an annual weekend of intensive theological study for high school juniors and seniors. TFW aims to solidify the student’s understanding of and commitment to the doctrines and distinctive principles of the RPCNA and promote readiness for discussion in college and the workplace.

Theological Foundations for Youth Backpacking Trip

Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church in Denver, Colorado hosts the Theological Foundations Backpacking trip for young men and women in high school and college. Their goal is to teach principles of Reformed faith and life within the context of a Rocky Mountain adventure.

Theological Foundations for Youth

The aim of the Theological Foundations for Youth (TFY) program of the Reformed Presbyterian Seminary is to educate the young people of the RPCNA on the churches history and the distinctives of the denomination, an important component in attracting the next generation of Church pastors and leaders to RPTS!

White Lake Covenanter Camp

White Lake Covenanter Camp has provided a Christian camp experience since 1917. Our aim is to encourage and develop love for Jesus, knowledge of the Christian faith, and the ability to love one another.

RP International Conference

RP International Conference is a six day “family reunion” held every four years. Over 2000 people of all ages, from all over the world, come together to enjoy fellowship focused on the Word of God, the Psalms, and prayer.

RPTS Westminster Conference

This is the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary’s annual conference on the theology and influence of the Westminster Assembly of Divines (1643-1652).