“Thanksgiving presents us with both an opportunity and a challenge,” said Pastor Jared Olivetti as he began a homily during the annual Thanksgiving Service of Immanuel Reformed Presbyterian Church in West Lafayette, Indiana. The hour long service provided 70 attendees opportunity to sing Psalms of thanksgiving to God and to write down items of thanksgiving for which elders publicly gave thanks during the service.

One historical Thanksgiving Declaration was read by elder Nate Pfieffer. This one was issued by President Benjamin Harrison in 1892. The 2019 Thanksgiving Declaration issued by President Donald Trump was read by elder Keith Magill.

Pastor Olivetti’s homily on Isaiah 12 challenged attendees to consider how gospel truth draws out our thanksgiving now and promises even greater reasons to thank God in the future. In Christ, God has taken away my sin. He has turned His anger away from me and turned His heart toward me. As an individual and as a member of the body of Christ I give thanks to God who brought about my salvation and who Himself is the greatest reward of my salvation.

“Therefore with joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation,” says Isaiah. Jesus Christ is a well that never dries up. So let us thank God now. Let us share our thanks with those who do not know Him. Let us look forward to greater joyful thanks in heaven. Says Pastor Jared, “Your greatest praise is always in the future. It only gets better.”

Our service concluded with prayers of thanksgiving, remembering together the many mercies of God toward our church family this year.

Karen Carr, Immanuel RP

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