The Fall 2018 issue of the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Journal is now available. This issue’s content is derived from the Seminary’s 2018 Westminster Conference and the Inauguration of Barry York as the President of the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary. 

Framed around the topic of “Preaching”, the articles include:
* Dr. Joel Beeke (President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary) – Plain Preaching: Demonstrating the Spirit and His Power.
* Dr. Ligon Duncan (Chancellor, Reformed Theological Seminary) – Faithful Preaching: Making Known the Whole Counsel of God.
* Dr. Michael LeFebvre (Adjunct Professor of Old Testament Studies, RPTS) – Wise Preaching: Applying Oneself to the Ability of the Congregation.
* Dr. Barry York (President, RPTS) – Zealous Preaching: Exercising Fervent Love for God and His People.

Dr. York also offers his Inaugural Address, The Shepherd’s Seminary. Free digital access is available here.
Print copies of the journal are available for $10 here

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